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About us

Mextra Group is the largest distributor of banquet furniture in Poland and Europe. We export our goods among others to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Sweden. We belong to the SMD STOLARZ group of suppliers of furniture production materials. We have been operating on the Polish market since 1984.


The core of the company's offer are banquet chairs, manufactured on the basis of steel and aluminum frames, in a wide range of upholstery. We also offer a wide range of banquet tables that meet all criteria of strength and functional aesthetics. The company's offer is complemented by hotel accessories, chair covers and other textiles for the HORECA industry. Our strengths are primarily the high quality of the products offered at very favorable prices. Gained experience and full knowledge of the market allows us to create an accurate offer both in terms of aesthetics and economics.


The goal of our activity is the production of banquet furniture, in which we combine high quality and practical solutions. By adapting our collection of banquet chairs to customer expectations, we have created the ECONOMIC, STANDARD line and the only MAESTRO chair line in Poland to suit your own configuration. It is thanks to this that we are currently at the forefront of European banquet furniture manufacturers.


Own production of banquet tables means that products can be manufactured for almost any customer order. Thanks to the option of choosing the top color, thickness, folding and unfolding technology or size, our tables are ideally suited to the needs of a particular object.


Meeting the expectations of our customers in the subject of banquet textiles, we run our own sewing room, which is responsible for the production of products such as banquet tablecloths, skirting, covers for tables and chairs and banquet drapes. It is thanks to our own production that we have the ability to control the quality of materials and workmanship so as to be sure that our products meet all the requirements of the MEXTRA group.


Every year, we fulfill orders from over 20 European countries, such as: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ireland or the United Kingdom. Thanks to our own vehicle fleet, we are able to deliver goods to almost any place, even within 24 hours of placing an order.

Numbers are very important to us. Also because every year we equip over 5,000 facilities in about 20 countries. Our clients include hotels, conference centers, restaurants, banquet and wedding rooms. This is proof that our offer has been prepared to adapt to every activity in the HORECA industry.


What else makes us different? Permanent access to products from our offer. We guarantee their availability in stock, so that customer orders will be processed quickly. Thanks to this, we can boast over 50,000 banquet chairs and 8,000 banquet tables available on the spot.