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How do we produce?

Components warehouse

It’s a constant availability of 120 colors of the tabletops and 600 polish fabrics to choose from.
We offer our customers the wide range of finishing for our products. Every banquet table or chair can be matched in colors and kind of finishing

Production of tables – modern saws, edge benders and professional assembly

It is the precision cutting, perfect plate processing and product durability
In production of our tables we use only new, precision machines. It’s the guarantee of the highest quality and quick production time. Tabletops of our tables are made with using of the new generation machines. In addition to excellent aesthetics they increase the strength of the edge of the table, which translates into their durability.

Production of chairs – automatic treatment and careful finishing of the construction

It’s the controlled precision and durability of chair
The best quality of our banquet chairs is based on the machines, which we use in their production. Precision bending and automatic welding definitely increases the strength of the chair for dynamic loads. We do not have to limit ourselves anymore. Modern paintshop and availability of a hundreds of paint colors gives you possibility to buy chairs exactly like you want. Color matters.

Our Upholstery shop and Sewing Centre

It’s the highest quality of finishing and aesthetic of the product
Hundreds of fabrics, different kinds of finishing and professional team of experienced seamstresses and upholsterers every day are upholstering hundreds of chairs for our customers. Banquet textiles which are made in our sewing centre are perfectly matched for our chairs and tables. We focus on complexity, which additionally is elegant and practical.

Delivery to the customers door

It’s the safe and quick delivery always on time
We know how important is the time of the order execution. We guarantee fast delivery and constant availability of products. We deliver our goods all over the Europe.

Experienced employees

It’s a guarantee of the highest quality Customer Service
We focus on professionalism. Every our employee is an expert in his field. Every day we share our experience with our customers, makes the quality of our services higher.