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What makes us diffrent

We specialize in the production and distribution of durable, stacked chairs and banquet tables, dedicated to heavy banquet and conference use. Every year, we equip over 1,000 facilities in over 17 European countries. Our products can be found in many hotels, restaurants, banquet and conference rooms. We guarantee constant, instant access to your products. The facts speak for themselves - 20,000 banquet chairs and over 2,000 tables available "on the spot" sets us apart from the competition. Every day, we supply banquet furniture to customers throughout Europe with our own vehicle fleet.

Gaining experience for many years, we have developed a unique set of standards focused on the quality, aesthetics and durability of furniture, allowing us to offer you the best quality goods at very attractive prices.

We entrust to the clients the Mextra Group specialists who are always happy to advise on the selection of the optimal product model for you. We work on extensive finish templates.

We are not a wholesaler offering thousands of nameless products about which we know little. We have created a strong, unrivaled offer about which we will tell you everything!