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Banqueting Tables

Banqueting Tables

We offer stable, folding conference tables, banquet tables for restaurants, hotels, banquet rooms, conference rooms and more. Banquet tables and conference tables thanks to a specially designed folding system can be easily folded, moved and stacked. This saves space and time. We offer tables in 100 colors of tops with the option of individual dimension adjustment. In addition to different top colors, we offer different laminate structures. From ordinary - smooth, to effective laminates imitating formir. The bases varnished in different colors are an extension of your own table configuration. You can buy tables with legs varnished in the color of the chairs bought in the set. Folding tables are a leading product of the Mextra Group company based on six unique models. As a table manufacturer, we are able to provide you with the highest, controlled quality at very attractive prices. We also guarantee quick delivery times. For standard sizes and colors it is even 24h!

Banqueting Tables
Economic Line

The economy line is a line based on a proven spring system. It is a method of unfolding and folding most often used in banquet tables. Thanks to the use of high-strength springs and their appropriate placement, the tables retain their properties for a very long time. The economic line is covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Banqueting Tables
Standard Line

The standard line is the line in which the Click - Clack base is used. It is a mechanism for folding and unfolding tables without plastic elements and springs. Due to its design, it is adapted to very intensive use, i.e. to transfer tables, to fold them several times in one day. Patented Click - Clack system is a guarantee of a reliable mechanism, easy to use even for one person. Tables from this line are covered by a 4-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Pozostałe stoły

Standard Line folding tables

Banquet tables with solid construction, stackable and foldable. Tabletop made from laminated board with thickness 18 / 25 mm available in over 120 colors on request. Tabletops are processed with the use of modern, computer-controlled machines, ensuring the machining accuracy and the final aesthetics of high quality with additional elegant finishing with resistant to mechanical damages 2 mm thick PVC border.

In tables H-500, T-300, HK-800, L-100, HS-600 an K-200 we used our patented Click-Clack folding system wchich prevents the table from the self-unfolding. In the production process we didn’t use any springs or plastic elements which could easily brake or get used.

Our Standard Line tables are:

- Foldable, stackable strong and safe

- High quality

- Tabletops made from laminated board processed with the use of modern, compter-controlled machines

- Quick and easy in transport

- 4 years warranty

- Endurance Certificate REMODEX

- Tabletop with a Hygene Certificate

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