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Ballymor Development Centre LTD

The Ballymoe Development Group is very satisfied with your chairs that we recently purchased. They are of a high quality which we need here for our Centre as they get a lot of use. When we saw your web-site we were impressed with the tension to detail, it was easy access and we could zoom in and inspect the chairs very clear as though they we were looking at the real thing. The whole transaction was very easy and any question we had was answered.  


The one thing that stands out of me was the honesty of the sales person. Everything she said she was able to stand over it, which put us at great ease. We would recommend Mextra Company to anyone who is looking for a smart, high quality chair for their business or community centre and we wish Mextra Company continued success for the future. 


Kind Regards,


Assistant  Secretary,

Ballymoe Development Group.