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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer   banquet chairs, banquet tables and textiles .

we guarantee   constant availability of 11 models   chairs and instant delivery of orders.  We give up to 4 years warranty on our products. We provide delivery of orders throughout Europe with our own fleet of vehicles.

New in our offer are Polish banquet chairs   MAESTRO,   produced by us in Poland. In the series  MAESTRO  we give you a choice of 5 frame shapes, over 600 Polish upholstery and more than 130 colors of varnishes. Implementation of the order of chairs  individually configured we perform in 30 days!

Configure your MAESTRO chairs

The banquet chairs designed by us, Mextra company , are distinguished by their reliability and precision. Innovative technological solutions, such as a reinforced banquet chair frame, made of durable profile or a non-reformable seat insert molded from polyurethane foam with the addition of a bactericide factor, are the result of the work of the company's specialists in improving banquet furniture adapted to "heavy use". Solutions proposed by Mextra result from many years of experience in comprehensive service of hotel and restaurant facilities in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Lithuania. The company's employees make every effort to ensure that the banquet furniture offered by the company meets the expectations of the most demanding investors. For all banquet chairs   Mextra Group has a set of approvals that guarantee the highest product quality and durability in use.

We have prepared for you a film presenting our banquet chairs:


ALICANTE chairs are available in three product lines addressed to various groups of recipients.   STANDARD LINE   are banquet chairs and conference chairs with constant availability. We enable you to create your own chair model, tailoring its shape to your needs, the color of the frame or the type of easy-to-wash upholstery - as always the highest quality. The offer is supplemented with functional accessories designed for ALICANTE banquet chairs, among others, transport trolleys, connectors or child seats. We are for you, we provide great chairs and lasting satisfaction.


Our models   folding banquet tables   they are available in two shapes - rectangular and round, with different dimensions. Tops are made each time at the customer's order, choosing the right size, shape and color. Thanks to our own carpentry shop, each plate from which we make tables is checked for quality. The boards from which we make the tops are double-sided laminated, and customers can choose the color of the laminate from the pallet   120 available colors . The basic colors include: white, sonoma oak , field pear, natural maple and nut. We also leave the thickness of the countertop to your choice.

All our banquet tables are suitable for stacking. It is their additional advantage that allows minimizing the storage space to a minimum. Tables from the standard and economy lines can be stacked up to 25 pieces! In each of the models , additional safeguards have been applied that protect both the table tops and the base from damage during storage in the stack.  

Set up your banquet tables.


We have prepared for you a film presenting our banquet tables:

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of dedicated banquet textiles and transport trolleys to facilitate the transport of banquet furniture!