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Polish Banquet Chairs
MAESTRO banquet chairs are the only possibility in Poland of own configuration. Especially for you, we have created the only configurator for banquet chairs in Poland, thanks to which you can choose both the frame material, the shape of the chair, the color and fabric of the upholstery, the color of the frame, but also accessories and a non-standard finish. In just five steps you can create the perfect chair for a specific interior. Due to the use of own, domestic production and the highest quality components, MAESTRO banquet chairs are synonymous with high quality.

The largest furniture magazine LIFETIME catering in Europe is another MEXTRA brand. Its offer includes products of the well-known American company LIFETIME, of which MEXTRA is the sole distributor in Poland. Offered catering chairs and tables are products of extraordinary strength and quality of workmanship, which is confirmed by the warranty granted for up to 10 years.

Manufacturer of folding tables is a brand that has been entirely dedicated to the range of folding banquet and conference tables. The offer includes a wide selection of tables in various sizes, using various bases and finishing options. is a place where you can find comprehensive information about the practical and quality features of our products.

The cheapest banquet furniture in Poland

The brand is an offer containing the cheapest banquet solutions available on the market. These are HERMAN banquet chairs, DORA banquet tables available in two shapes and banquet textiles dedicated to them - chair covers and classic banquet tablecloths.