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Not all banquet chairs are the same.

Not all banquet chairs are the same.

The choice is yours. Similar does not mean the same.

Choosing banquet chairs is a real challenge for hoteliers and restaurateurs. In the era of online stores, this choice has become even more difficult, because despite the access to the necessary information, the chairs seem the same.

On the market you can find chairs almost visually identical, but significantly different in terms of technical specifications. We must remember that the chair is not only the appearance, but above all its functionality.

Our campaign "The choice is yours. Similar, does not mean the same." Is designed to make customers aware of the differences between the offered chair models. The choice fell on the visual specification, which most often appears in customer inquiries, and therefore the red upholstery with gold dots. Thanks to our campaign, you can notice that we offer as many as 4 chairs that meet this specification, but each of them has different technical values.

Starting from the Tani Banquet and Herman chairs, through the Economy Line with ES 100 and Jazz chairs, to the Standard Line with the Alicante Originals ST 220 chair. Each of them represents a different price and quality group, so that each customer can find a chair with a specific appearance at your price threshold.

At first glance, they look almost identical - which does not mean that they are the same.