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FOLD conference tables - a classic of the genre at a low price!

When organizing the space of a conference room, not only its aesthetics, but also functionality should be taken into account. This is of paramount importance, because the purchase of furniture dedicated to this type of facilities depends on it. The most important aspect of this type of furniture is practicality, so in the case of tables the possibility of their efficient folding and unfolding or stacking. Of course, planning the purchase of conference tables should also take into account...

Not all banquet chairs are the same.

The choice is yours. Similar does not mean the same. Choosing banquet chairs is a real challenge for hoteliers and restaurateurs. In the era of online stores, this choice has become even more difficult, because despite the access to the necessary information, the chairs seem the same. On the market you can find chairs almost visually identical, but significantly different in...

MEXTRA GROUP - Manor House and Restaurant under Platan in Kozłów

Manor House and Restaurant under Platan in Kozłów is a renovated building located in a picturesque place near Gliwice. The management of the facility decided to equip the interior with banquet chairs of a specific specification, so that their appearance would complement the character of the room. The choice fell on the ST370 banquet chairs, which thanks to the navy blue upholstery and golden frame, perfectly fitted into the interior of the Breakfast Room.